Addressing children's experience of neglect

When it comes to protecting children and enhancing their wellbeing, we recognise that persistent failure to meet a child's emotional, physical or psychological needs can seriously affect all areas of their health, development or growth.

Neglect can be categorised as mild, moderate or severe, and we know that persistent neglect and cycles of generational neglect can have long-lasting detrimental effects on children's wellbeing and their ability to thrive.

In Scotland, we recognise that we have to do more to reduce children and young people's experience of neglect. To that end, CELCIS will deliver a new programme of work Addressing Neglect and Enhancing Wellbeing with a range of partner organisations across three local authority areas – a key part of the Scottish Government's Child Protection Improvement Programme.

Pilot programme: Addressing Neglect and Enhancing Wellbeing

This pilot programme will partner three local areas to take stock of the current strengths and challenges across the whole system, and building on this we will support the development of a more effective approach to address neglect and enhance the wellbeing of vulnerable children.

In developing a more effective approach, we will implement change and improvement based on the best available evidence of what works and locally-based answers and solutions from professionals, young people, families and communities. We will support partners to use local resources differently and creatively, taking a planned and measured approach in everything we do.

Collaboration and partnership

In order to address neglect and take further positive steps towards enhanced wellbeing for children experiencing neglect, partnership and collaboration is vital.

Working collaboratively with multiple partners in each of the three local areas selected to participate in the programme, we will assess needs, identify strengths and explore areas for improvement which will contribute to real and sustainable improved outcomes for vulnerable children and families.

We're collaborating with the Centre for Child Wellbeing and Protection at Stirling University and Dr Brigid Daniel, world-leading child protection experts. Our collective expertise will help to support the sector to consolidate, improve and sustain effective child protection practice for children and families.

What will we deliver?

Working alongside all our partners, this programme will:

  • Develop a strategic approach to intervene earlier and more effectively with children experiencing neglect based on sound evidence
  • Promote a deeper understanding of the current system of supports within a local area for families of children experiencing neglect
  • Develop additional capacity among the local workforce to support complex change and continuous improvement, for this programme and beyond.

Looking for more information?

Our FAQ document contains further details of the Addressing Neglect and Enhancing Wellbeing Programme:

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